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Your Secret Hideaway

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Do you have a small outdoor space that you aren’t putting to great use? We’re not talking about a large space or a focal point in your back yard. Let’s take a look at that small unused area at the side of your house. Have you thought about creating your very own hide away? What about a beautiful patio cover over, say, a hot tub? A place for you to relax and vive your tired muscles in a cozy out-of-the-way area. I’ve always thought it would be romantic to unwind in a balmy hot tub and watch it snow around me. A solid cover would keep the snow just out of reach. Or maybe just a secluded spot to hang your hammock and read or daydream. A lattice cover would provide a nice mix of sun and shade. Either way, that bare spot beside your home will suddenly  add value to your home and to your peace of mind.

Your Patio Garden!

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Give us a call today at 775-315-0541. What type of garden can we help you dream up?

It’s easy to set up a wonderful garden on your patio. This is just one idea we can help you achieve.

Did you know that UNR has information about growing grapes in Northern Nevada? Turns out it works fairly well! and give you lots of information.

Imagine being able to grow grapes from your own patio cover!

Think of having this cover over your kitchen door loaded with grapes and perhaps some delicious herbs in pots growing in the filtered sunlight. Perfect!