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A truly great addition to any property is a custom built metal garden shed or utility garage. Custom colors and trim, specialty doors and features.  Designed with your home in mind.

You pick the size to fit your needs!

New Home / New to You?

before covers

You love it! It’s great! But it’s a little plain. Hm-m-m-m. Patio covers?

Yep! That’s the answer. Create a beautiful outdoor living space for your family. An extension of home.

We all love our pets. We treat them like family. We take them places. We photograph them and put them on our FaceBook pages and web-sites.  

Research shows that dogs can handle heat up to 90*.  Above that temperature they can become very ill, perhaps die.  But they love to be outside. TO KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE THIS SUMMER try a patio cover and a child sized plastic wading pool. Dogs can have access to a lot of water for drinking or laying in (as most dogs will do). Cats most likely won’t lay in the water, but they can have water to drink, lots of it and that is very important.  If it is under a solid or lattice cover, the heat is decreased and your pets will love you for it!